Day 1,824 – Thankful for an Early Morning Coyote & an Energized and Optimistic Gavin

Our favorite running area is only a mile or so from our house and provides us an opportunity to disappear into the woods for a while. Now that the sun is rising later and later the entire run is in the dark. On our run this morning I heard a noise in the woods that was a little louder than the rabbits we regularly scare up. The moonlight wasn’t quite bright enough to see well so I stopped and walked back towards the sound. I scanned the woods with my headlamp and couldn’t quite make anything out. When I caught back up to Becky I told her it had to be something bigger than a rabbit as I heard a twig snap.

After we got home Becky took Skywalker for a walk and I took LuLu for a ride down the same road we had just run down. About a mile and a half in a coyote appeared out of the woods and started running down the road away from us! It was fairly close to where I thought I’d heard it. For the next half mile or so it ran up the road in front of us as we slowly drove along. It was awesome!

Nothing quite like spending some time early in the morning watching a coyote! That was amazing 🙂

When I got home from the ride with LuLu Gavin walked through the kitchen with a huge smile.

“I believe today is going to be a great day,” he loudly proclaimed in a voice that was even more upbeat and happy than his smile.

He had no reason other than he just decided that it was going to be a great day – how awesome is that? It was like a blast of Red Bull and espresso to knock my attitude right into a great place!

Nothing like a huge smile, positive attitude, and an optimistic mindset from Gavin to ramp up my morning in an awesome way!


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