Day 1,823 – Thankful for Balanced Coffee

Let me set the stage for you from yesterday morning. Maybe you’ve been there before.

I’m heading out to my car to go to work. Thinking I can save a trip I load up all my stuff and have my hands full. In one hand is my breakfast. The other I both holding my lunch bag by the strap and my coffee.

The door is closed so I decide to awkwardly balance my coffee halfway on my hand so I can turn the knob. In one slow and gut wrenching second I realize too late what a horrible idea it was. Coffee flies everywhere and now I’ve got a mess.

I know better. I’ve done this before. Why would I try it again?

This happens more often than it should – but four out of five times it works fine. Does that one spill equal the time spent saved by the other four times? Probably not.

From that coffee incident yesterday I was reminded to pause, do it right the first time, and save just as much time in the long run. How many times in life have I rushed something that should have taken a little more time? When have I cut corners that I should have respected?

Slow dow to go fast.

Deep thoughts from a balanced cup of coffee!


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