Day 1,825 – Thankful for the Writing Process & Unexpected Laughs

As I wrap up the last few items in my book I’m reminded again of how grateful I am for the process of writing a book about losing Dad. Each moment spent on it has been a moment of growth, memory, and love. By focusing so deeply on this topic I have had the opportunity to learn so much more about myself and to more thoroughly embed so many memories into my soul.

This evening in particular I’ve found myself laughing out loud frequently. One of my last few pieces was to go through old text messages with Dad to screenshot any that might better round out the story. Much stomach hurts from laughing so hard! Going through those old texts was pure medicine for the soul.

I’m thankful yet again for each step of this process. In rereading those texts I heard Dad’s voice in my heart and laughed along with him as I did so many times before. I’ll be sleeping with a huge grin tonight.


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