Day 1,797 – Thankful for Options and a Plate of Bones

This morning started off with a bit of a surprise. Our flight out of La Crosse had been delayed due to mechanical issues. Because of this delay we would now arrive in Wichita well after 11pm rather than just after noon. Quite the difference for a short trip like this!

What I’m thankful for today is the bevy of options we had to choose from. Driving, different flights, different airports and so on – we had options aplenty. If the situation was different we wouldn’t necessarily have any options, let alone this many. I am grateful for so many potential solutions!

My brother in law Tyler is incredible with his smoker. To him cooking meat on the smoker is akin to a sublime balance of art and science. Dinner tonight was ribs…. ahh…. And they were quite possibly the best ribs I’ve ever had in my life. By the time the meat coma had set in I had nothing but a plate full of bones. So delicious!!!


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