Day 1,796 – Thankful for a Week of Mini Games

Way back in the day one of my favorite parts of a video we’re the mini games. While on a quest for something I’d occasionally end up at a mini game, a crazy and short little side step from the full adventure. They were a pleasant break in the real game and offered up some different types of challenges to spice up the overall game. Once completed I would jump right back into the bigger adventure.

This week has felt like a week full of mini games. Start one quest, skip to a game, go back to the quest, and then off on another mini game. They’ve been seemingly never ending over the past handful of days. The difference is that the time in the real game has only been fleeting minutes before blasting into the next mini game.

Case in point? Tonight. Get home from work, play the mini game “pack your bags.” Go back to real life and have dinner and do the dishes. Up next, is the mini game “I misunderstood the volunteer instructions I signed up for but didn’t realize until the time it needed to be done so it’s time to run to Menards to pick up snacks before the time runs out.” Not gonna lie, it was actually an awesomely fun game in a twisted kind of way. And now back to real life and blogging on the couch before bed.

Why am I thankful for a week of mini games? They’ve been a wonderful distraction and change of pace while simultaneously reminding me to find joy in the common and mundane. Appreciate the times of calm, make the most of the times of chaos. Nice little duality there.


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