Day 1,769 – Thankful for Action in the Morning, Iceland Part 2, Pizza on the Farm, and Belly Laughs with Dominic

This morning started out pretty sweet – a walk followed by a bike ride – all before noon. Nothing like starting the day in motion like that! It seems like any day started with physical activity almost can’t help but be a great one.

Right in between the two activities I had just enough time to start working on our second attempt of a trip to Iceland. The trip we’d originally planned for 2020 was mothballed for a couple of years due to COVID and it is now time to get it back on the calendar. Sure, it could end up getting pushed back again, but it was pretty awesome taking time to get that dream lined up again!

For the past few years we’ve talked about hitting Pizza on the Farm and we finally did it tonight. The valley just outside of Cochrane was nothing short of majestic. The pizza was outstanding and we had a great time hanging out as a family. Just a hunch, but I’d bet we’ll do that again before too long.

As we were taking this Dominic was explaining to me that I was taking too long to take a selfie while we were facing the sun… now that I see the pic I see what he meant 😉

The past hour and a half was spent full of belly laughs with Dominic as we watched a great comedy. Nothing like getting some great laughs in together and creating more one liners for us to use in future conversations. An excellent end to the night.


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