Day 1,768 – Thankful for Random Frisbees and Dog Smiles

Another day in which I’m going very simple in my gratitude. Many great moments of learning, leading, perseverance, life, conversations with friends, scheduling travel, and enjoying time with Becky, Dominic, and Gavin. Several concepts I could go very deep on, but what really feels just about spot on are two crazily little moments. One lasted for maybe fifteen minutes and the other for less than fifteen seconds.

When we picked up Gavin from Scout Camp we got there early for the end of camp fire bowl. As it turned out we got there way earlier than needed and had a good hour or so to hang out and wait. One of the leaders also showed up early. After some polite conversation he smiled and disappeared. When he came back he was smiling and carrying a frisbee. For the next fifteen-ish minutes we and threw frisbee with several scouts. It was pure play and it was awesome! What an awesome way to spend some bonus time 😀

The other moment was at the grocery store on our way home after Scouts. I ran in, grabbed the few items I was looking for, and walked out… just in time to see a car pulling out with the moon roof open and a giant grinning Dalmatian face staring at me. That had to be about the happiest dog I’ve seen in a long time! Not a care in the world, just his big old head sticking out through the moonroof and taking in all the new sights and smells. Something about that look of pure joy on its face had me feeling about the same. Dog smiles, there’s something contagious about them!

The Dalmatian’s smile was even bigger than this 🙂


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