Day 1,762 – Thankful for a Perfectly Kreiling Relaxing Day at Home

The past few weeks have been pretty wild and full of life. The thought of taking a deep breath and relaxing has been top of mind but just hadn’t come to fruition. Today was a perfect opportunity to assuage the need for chill… albeit in a perfectly Kreiling way. 😉

The boys are away so we had a ton of options available to us. After a short eleven or so hours of sleep I arose and had breakfast. We took the dogs out on the pontoon so they could enjoy some water time before it got too crazy on the river. They were in heaven and totally enjoyed swimming, shooing away ducks, and shredding dead branches before they were ready to head in. Becky and I enjoyed the time in the sun on the boat both there and back.

We got home and I ate an early lunch. Next we were on our bikes pedaling away on the trails. Twenty miles flew by under the sun in seemingly no time. Halfway through I took my shirt off and enjoyed some extra vitamin D. Just the two of us exercising in the sun and on the trails was totally relaxing and put me deep into the state of chill I was looking for.

Showers, grocery shopping, second lunch, and folding laundry were all on the docket before church. Church was calming in its own awesome way. I may have stumbled upon my new favorite line in the Bible. “Jesus withdrew to the mountain again by himself.” I knew he was a great and wise Dude 😉

At home Becky’s got supper going on the grill and I just made us tasty summer cocktails inspired by our date last night. Gin, Chartreuse, muddled strawberries and basil leaves, syrup, and lemon juice combine for a crisp and refreshing beverage seemingly made just for a night on the back deck like this.

Now I’m typing, sipping, and smelling the dinner on the grill while sitting under the sun with some peaceful tunes courtesy of Pandora. Becky’s reading her book and occasionally getting up to check the salmon. After we eat well most likely chill and call it another early night.

I can’t even begin to state just how chill I’m feeling right now. Zero stress. Not thinking ahead of looking back. In this moment soaking it all in and grinning the entire time with a full and relaxed soul.


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