Day 1,763 – Thankful for Hearing About the Boys’ Awesome Adventures with Mom

I love creating wonderful memories with our boys. Spending time with them on amazing adventures and travels are amongst my favorite activities. Something else that jazzes me up is hearing about the great time they have with others creating additional amazing memories. That’s exactly what I got to spend time doing with the boys today – hearing about the awesome time they had with Grandma DeeDee and Grandpa Brad.

Over the past handful of days they’ve been camping, kayaking, hiking, playing games, and hanging out. The ride home from picking them up halfway was filled with nonstop stories of things they did and how much fun they had.

While I was listening I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered all the fun times I spent with my grandparents during the summer when I was about the same age. Those memories always make me smile and remind me of how lucky I was to have had such incredible grandparents.

Hearing those stories today helped me quickly see that they had created some similar memories which they’ll always have to bring them smiles as well.

A couple of other quick notes of gratitude today. On one of my many drives today I re-listened to one of my favorite podcasts of all time – Jim Collins being interviewed by Tim Ferriss. The deep thoughts Jim shares have been resonating in my brain all day. Those thoughts have helped me set a course for the next week. Secondly, I’ve been doing much thought work on a few other aspects of my life in which Tim & Jim remind me to stay focused on. Both have many additional resources which are helping me find better ways to continue the eternal road of improvement and growth.


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