Day 1,761 – Thankful for a Perfect Date Night with Becky

I’ll never deny that I’m probably older than I really am. It is a fact I’ve come to grips with and am totally comfortable with. 😉

The boys are hanging out with Mom having yet another adventure while Becky and I are working this week. With no kids on a Friday night it was a perfect time for us to get crazy and have an awesome date.

We rolled up to Love Child just before they opened at 5pm, ate a delicious meal complete with dessert and drinks, and left shortly after 6:15. Did we do something crazy afterwards? Hell yeah! We grabbed ice cream from The Pearl and we’re home before 7pm.

More craziness? You know it! Chilling on the couch and sleeping by 8pm. Yessir, we are a wild and crazy couple 😉

…and that’s a perfect date night to me!

After going constantly during the week it’s great to take some time to chill and rest. Tomorrow morning we’ll be up bright and early and head out for a bike ride or hike before the rest of the world wakes up. We get a quiet night together tonight AND a quiet morning together tomorrow.

Time to chill, relax, and head off to sleep!


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