Day 1,760 – Thankful for Choosing the Short Version While Capturing the Highlights

LOL – days like this make me smile. Up a couple of minutes before 4am and going pretty much nonstop since. There’s so much I’d like to type about but my eyelids are getting heavy and I know I am on borrowed time. Decision time, blog in detail and risk falling asleep before finishing or hit the highlights quickly and get two sleep….


Here are the quick highlights of the day:

  • Spending time with a mentor
  • Finding ways to create cross discipline solutions
  • Focus
  • Reminders of the importance of different viewpoints
  • Hanging out with a team while jamming out on a boat
  • Knowing which friends you can count on to jump in the river to find your phone in five feet of water
  • Time to think and process

Many awesome moments, lessons, and creations today that I’m grateful for. Time to turn in so I can do it all again tomorrow and process everything from today.


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