Day 1,750 – Thankful for Reminders of Lessons from the Trail, for Focusing on Spending More Time Outdoors

This morning started off with a pre-sunrise hike in the bluffs. While on the trails there were a couple of thoughts that stuck with me. Thanks to the quiet my brain was able to process things a bit differently and I was able to find a different level of clarity than in the noise of “real life.”

In a meeting with a team a quote was shared by a teammate. As it was read aloud my thoughts went back to backpacking in Isle Royale. A very specific moment in which the stillness provided an opportunity to see something clearly and to allow my brain and soul to take Altus appropriate action. Such a subtle yet meaningful moment which easily could have been missed due to the noise and busyness of normal life.

The first of these moments today was created specifically by being in the woods. The second was in the office but came from the woods. The peacefulness found in the woods continues to shape who I am, or, maybe more appropriately, the woods continues to show me who I could be.

While my soul longs for the solitude of the wilderness I’m contented by the regular visits it makes – whether in reality or memory. I’m grateful for the focus I’ve put on getting outside more this year, the impact of the fresh air has been amazing.


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