Day 1,751 – Thankful for Stumbling Upon Trans-Disciplinary Life Lessons

This morning I was working on a project with several team members. In the past I’d work very closely with everyone on a similar project to choreograph the entire event. In many ways I was working to drive the project forward. The results would be mixed and I’d feel a combination or stressed, exhausted, and frustration.

Today was very different. I gave a clear goal with loose direction. My teammates all were free to work on the project and adapt as they saw fit. Everything didn’t go as I had planned, it went much better! The feelings I had afterwards were joy, happiness, and positive.

What was really the difference? In many ways it was similar to what I’ve recently learned about writing. The more I push the worse I do. If I breathe, relax, and let go there is success. This doesn’t mean to simply relax and good things will happen, quite the opposite. I have to work hard to prepare and create the space necessary to let go and create. Time and energy must be spent focusing and clarifying the vision first in order to allow others to shine.

Today I’m thankful for some of the life lessons that transcend one discipline. In many ways they seem to be almost universal truths that can be applied to so many aspects of life. By taking time to pause, reflect, and think each day for this blog I seem to stumble upon more and more of them.


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