Day 1,749 – Thankful for Dad’s Metal Bowls and the Smiles They Serve Up Each Use

There are many items and things that remind me of certain people and events. Many of them sit on a shelf or are stored in a box. Quite often they are out of the way and I almost have to intentionally come across them. They are fantastic at reminding me of many wonderful moments, but they aren’t right in front of me often.

Some of my favorite memory related items are the ones I used on a regular basis. Even though they are in my periphery with stunning regularity the sight of them quickly transport my mind to another place and time. It seems as if they are even better than the other mementos and keepsakes as they are more regularly in my line of sight and usually have a dual purpose, some type of function as well as bringing back memories.

What I am grateful for today falls into the latter category. For a few years I had them stored off to the side as the first items. They didn’t quite match the rest of their kind so I kept them hidden away. Once in a while I’d stumble across them, chuckle, and then move on. Several months ago I came across them and a thought went through my brain. Who cares if they match, they are pretty dang awesome. Now I use at least one of them a few times each week… when I sneak a bowl of Frosted Flakes or have a salad at home.

Dad used to tell my brother and stories about the metal bowls his parents had when he was a kid. He’d explain how all their meals were served in them when he was growing up. For Easter they were transformed into their Easter baskets. Based on all the jokes Dad made Nick and I would joke the the only thing in his Easter bowl must have been a potato. It was a treat, a toy, a meal, and his only friend until he ate it.

We knew them well as Grandma would serve creamed corn or cream of chicken soup in them when we stayed at her house. They are made of stainless steel and there’s a magic to them I can’t explain. Everything tastes better in them. Maybe I’ve just eaten too many meals out of bowls made from the World War II era and they’ve impacted my faculties, or maybe it’s true that everything taste better in them. I know which way I’m leaning. 😉

After Dad passed his wife passed them on to my brother and I. They sat up above my cabinets collecting dust for a while and then I remembered that I hadn’t given any to Nick yet. Once I pulled them down I realized the treasure I was missing out on each time I used a bowl and transferred them to the regular cabinet.

The thing about the bowls I appreciate more than any other has nothing to do with their actual utility though. They help me to remember the smile Dad had on his face whenever we talked about those bowls. What a gift from the simple and ordinary use of a bowl, right?

When I go to the cupboard to grab a bowl there’s always a second when I pause and smile. First I see the stack of ordinary bowls that largely match. Then I look at the small stack of shiny bowls that have no right to be in the cabinet with the others based specifically by looks. I smile as I grab the metal one every time.

Holy Disney moment right here! I am typing this on the back deck with my legs up on another chair. As I was typing there was a loud fluttering sound as a little bird flew right over my head and landed on the chair my legs are on. It just sat there and cocked its head at me for a moment until I obviously bored it. How wild is that?


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