Day 1,729 – Thankful for Moments of Clarity on the Trail

I’m not quite sure where to take this one tonight. There are a handful of potential directions which would all eventually lead to the same destination. Hmm… which is more important, the journey or the destination in this case? As in life it seems the journey is always the right answer. Let’s take a hike together tonight and see where this trail leads.

One of my favorite parts of a hike are the quiet moments of solitude on the trail. The group spreads out a bit and I’m walking largely alone. There is no noise, no cell phone, no deadlines, and no stress. All the world is muted while I’m alone with my mind and soul in the wilderness.

When I let go of my thoughts and just enjoy the moment my brain goes places it doesn’t normally have the space to go. My mind is free of its fetters and can go to the places my soul needs but my mind doesn’t always heed. Clarity and simplicity reign supreme in these moments and offer unique insights otherwise missed in the busyness of normal life. When I listen and allow these thoughts to blossom I’m rewarded with thoughts and concepts which will outlive the time on the trail and become a part of me for eternity.

Today those thoughts led in a few interesting directions. In preparation for moments like this I brought my notepad and pen. Occasionally I’d pause to jot them down before they were lost.

Some examples today included:

• Simplicity and solitude create space for the soul

• Life is a series of tests in which we determine if we are living into who we are called to be

• There is always a choice. I can choose to be frustrated and see nothing but negativity… or… I can choose to do the right thing and be amazed at the overflowing joy that one simple decision makes.

• Joy begets joy. Helping others to find ways to help others creates and exponential increase in joy for many.

Those and several others have really helped me clear my mind and soul tremendously over our first few days on the trail. Those moments of clarity are amongst my favorite things from trips like this.


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