Day 1,730 – Thankful for Walking the Path Reminding Me to Choose the Path I Walk

Trials of miles and miles of trials. Nothing like putting miles in on foot to help the soul re-orient itself on its right path.

When planning for this experience I was thinking of it more as a vacation. An opportunity to get out and explore and enjoy nature. For sure, it’s totally been that as well, but there’s another side of this trip for which I’m grateful.

Sometime when waking the path I have an opportunity to learn just how far off the path I’ve strayed. Nothing crazy, but moments of clarity have helped me navigate where the trail markers are for the right path. I’m not too far away, but far enough that it would be easy to slowly careen further and further into the thick of the wood.

Over the last few days I’ve found many moments in which I can shape who I am. Am I the Mike who acts this way or that? Am I the Mike who does this for my own ego driven reasons or the Mike who see the bigger picture and lives into who he is called to be? Sometimes I did right for right reason, but other times I didn’t do right or was motivated by wrongs reasons. In each the choice was mine solely to make, no one else’s.

Today I’m truly struck by the way in which being on the trail and removed from almost all connections to the world have provides me a such a beautiful symphony of silence and non-distraction. In that space I’m more present and available to be aware of my thoughts and mindset. The serenity of being lost in the wilderness provides an opportunity to dive deeper into my thoughts and dissect where they came from and why.

What struck me today specifically was how walking the path has helped me remember which path to walk and why. The lessons I’ve learned from this trail will go with my to the next paths.

In a coincidental twist, as I laid in my hammock before typing this I pulled out my copy of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and flipped it open to a random page. On that page was a comment on the simplicity needed to live a fulfilling and reverent live. Yet again I’m amazed at the insights provided by Marcus.


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