Day 1,699 – Thankful for My Least Favorite Hike in the UP

One more night of total disconnection before I head back to reality at some point tomorrow.  The sounds of nature from outside my hammock are so tranquil I’m struggling to keep my eyes open as I type.  Birds are singing several peaceful songs.  There’s a stream making a perfect babbling sound.  The entire soundscape sounds like heaven.

Our hike today was significantly less eventful than yesterday’s.  No crazy surprises, no unexpected mileage, and largely downhill.  The muddy trails were brutal at times, more of a slog in a big than a hike.  The hike today was scenic at times, but largely meh.  Of all the hikes and trails we’ve done in the UP this was almost certainly my least favorite. 

…and that’s why I’m grateful did it today.  Crazy, right?  Here’s the skinny…

If there’s a ranking of any sort there will always be a most favorite and there will always be a least favorite.  It’s simple logic, right?  It doesn’t mean the least is bad, there is still something to appreciate about it.  The hike today had some very cool rock formations, a wonderfully calm lake, and a spring seemingly appearing out of nowhere.  It was peaceful and chill, just not my favorite.

How awesome that I have had enough hikes in the UP that I can claim to have a least favorite?  It means I’ve had the opportunity to experience some pretty awesome hikes as well.  When I have a hike like today’s it reminds me to pause and think back to all the hikes in the past.  What made them unique?  Why did I appreciate them so much?  So many memories came back while hiking today.

Today’s hike may not have been my favorite but that didn’t stop me from appreciating or enjoying it any less. 


Not from today obviously but from a short hike that was more of a favorite than today’s hike. Interestingly, I took no pictures today 😦

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