Day 1,697 – Thankful for Reminders of How Small the World Is

I was waiting for our order to be finished at a Culver’s in northern Wisconsin. Out of corner of my eye I caught a glance of someone whom I seemed to recognize. With masks on it is a little more difficult to be sure, but I could’ve swore it was Dad’s past pastor.

I couldn’t tell for sure so I started to head out towards the door, but just as quick I felt compelled to find out for sure. Sure enough it was! We had a nice conversation and it was awesome to talk with him and his wife again.

A couple of hours later we started a little small talk with a woman in our parking lot. Within a couple of minutes we realized we’d rented one of our all time favorite VRBOs from her daughter! We shot the bull and caught up on their move to a new house and how successful their rental properties have been. It was pretty cool!

Funny how small the world is, isn’t? Connections like this remind me of so many moments when someone we know crosses paths out of the blue. The smile, the connection, and the sense of community are amazing.


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