Day 1,693 – Thankful for Forced Quiet/Rest Time, Perfect Soccer Weather, and the Nonstop Engine of Youth

Taking time to fully relax and chill doesn’t always come naturally to me. I like staying busy and find that I enjoy time working and creating and being active. Pausing to do nothing kind of drives me bonkers. I still remember a time in Hawaii while in a action when a friend told me I had to quit pacing and relax, my nervous energy was making her anxious. There I was in paradise and in a perfect spot to chill, but my body and mind just weren’t ready to.

Cue a soccer weekend! Spending time in Madison with Gavin this weekend has involved much bonus time to sit still. With the first of our backpacking trips coming up I know I should be resting my legs a bit so they’re fresh. Left to my own devices I’d find an excuse to be exercising them today, probably hiking.

The forced rest / quiet time has been a very positive experience for me over the past 24-ish hours and I can feel my stress levels drop and my stillness increase. It feels pretty awesome… in small doses 😉

Talk about perfect soccer weather! The sun is out but not unbearable. There’s a calm breeze blowing. There are just enough clouds to break up a little sun. The weather is great. It smells like freshly cut grass. Long story short, it’s perfect soccer weather.

While typing this I am sitting alone in my car with the windows down. The boys already had their first game and are warming up for their second game. Earring them home and laugh while kicking the balls around has me smiling. They aren’t laying back or sitting down exhausted, they’re right back at it and full of energy. How awesome that they are enjoying the nonstop engine of youth.


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