Day 1,691 – Thankful for Being an Introvert Enjoying Interaction with Others

One of the benefits of being fully vaccinated has been the increased comfort in meeting in real life instead of just virtually. Today has included many instances of had previously been known as “normal” interactions. Sure, they weren’t perfectly normal and involved masks and thermometers, but they all really started to feel like normal again.

There was an early morning donut run for a client courtesy of a teammate of mine. We got to meet the new addition to the family of another teammate. Another client meeting later in the morning felt so much more genuine thanks to being in person. Heading out drinks with some friends of ours was the first time Becky and I had done that since the pandemic really got rolling. So many laughs, smiles, and interaction.

As an introvert there are some benefits to the increased solitude from social distancing. That said, I am grateful for an increased level of interpersonal interaction, just as I’m sure an extrovert is thankful for the occasional moments of quiet.

The best part? I had quiet time with Becky on our run. I had time with Becky while we focused on packing and re-packing our backpacks. I had time chilling with Becky while we were out with friends. I had time making new memories and joking with her (for reals, is this not the smallest drumstick ever???).

I grateful for the time with her. We’ve been running seemingly constantly for a while and having time to the two of us felt great today.

A day of interaction, something even an introvert like me can be thankful for once in a while 😉


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