Day 1,675 – Thankful for Enjoying Our First Night on the Water This Season with Becky

This evening Becky and I had one huge task we wished to accomplish. Each year this task is a rite of the transition of spring to summer. This one task is an awesome way to start getting ourselves into a summer kind of mood for the next five months or so.

Tonight we put our pontoon out on the water for the season.

The boys both had stuff going on so it was Becky and I for our second straight date night. Everything went very smooth as we backed the boat and trailer into the water. The sun was out and the temperature was just warm enough to be on the water. We each had a drink and enjoyed time relaxing.

Our first boat ride of the season was spectacular. The water was unseasonably calm. The sun cast beautiful reflections upon the water. We saw a few great blue herons. There were fish occasionally splashing in the water. In the trees and in the sky we saw more eagles than I could accurately count. Everything was so peaceful and serene.

Spending time on the water with Becky tonight was music for my soul. Being out in nature, enjoying all the wildlife around us, the stillness and simplicity of the outdoors, and being anchored in the present was exactly where I needed to be tonight.


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