Day 1,676 – Thankful for Listening to and Learning from Podcasts and Early Morning Hikes

One of my favorite forms of entertainment is found on one of my most simple of phone apps. I thoroughly enjoy listening to my audiobooks, but sometimes I want something smaller and more bite sized. Something that provides new ideas and insights in a relatively short time period. Podcasts are by far and away one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

About 5 or 6 months ago I happened across an outstanding podcast of Tim Ferriss interviewing one of my absolute favorite thought leaders, Jim Collins. During that podcast Jim shared his annual format of personal planning and goal setting. I listened to that portion several times over and used that to create my personal framework for 2021. One idea shared in a podcast, many ways in which my life has been improved over the past handful of months.

One of the goals is focused on being more outdoors focused and taking advantage of as much time outside as possible. Another goal includes 30+ minutes of physical activity each day. Other goals on the list are directly tied to each of those. Essentially, outside time and physical activity are two of the linchpins of a wide swath of other things I’d like to accomplish in 2021.

One of the changes that this daily focus on my values, dreams, and goals has led to is hiking on Tuesday and Thursday mornings… early… like I usually need a headlamp early. The first few times were difficult in some ways as I attempted to coax my body out of bed a little before 4am. That said, I’ve yet to have a single time when I have regretted the decision to rise early for this activity.

Starting my day in the woods, in the dark, in the quiet, and in the moments of natural stillness has been rewarding beyond anything I could have hoped. I’m so blessed to live 10-15 minute drove from trails in the woods, I’m grateful for finding another way to enjoy that fact. My kind quiets and focuses earlier. My blood gets flowing and I get an early workout in. By the time I wrap up I have a rewarding sense of accomplishment to start the day. In the woods and stillness I feel at home. And at peace. By spending time at home early I bring that peace and serenity with me for the rest of the day. The hike scratches a primal itch I didn’t know I had prior to doing this.

So today I’m grateful for the decision I made in how to focus my time and energy, for listening to more podcasts. I’m also thankful for the new habit it has helped instill, early morning hikes. While I may jot have as much time for other things I’m okay with that. I’m intentionally living into who I want to be and it feels wonderful at such a deep level.


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