Day 1,674 – Thankful for Our 19 Year Anniversary, Going On a Date for the First Time in a Year and a Half, and Time to Just the Two of Us

The last time Becky and I went out to eat alone on a date was about a year and a half ago. Seeing as we’ve got our 2nd shots we decided to celebrate our 19 year anniversary the way we would like – by going out to eat with just the two of us.

Last year we celebrated our anniversary with the boys at home. We ordered out from Love Child – an incredibly delicious restaurant in downtown La Crosse. Tonight we went back out to Love Child and ate there. It felt so comforting to get back to doing something more normal feeling again!

As we talked about the past 19 years it was crazy to think back to the snowstorm of our wedding day. We were wearing shorts and enjoying sun the day before and then before the wedding we had people helping to shovel the sidewalks. Well before midnight the power to our reception hall – and almost the entire city of Medford – went out due to the heavy snowfall.

We took our time and enjoyed time to just the two of us. We savored the delicious food and drink. We relaxed and felt no weight or stress from life. We enjoyed time together. If that’s not a perfect way to enjoy our anniversary I don’t know what is… maybe hiking the rim to rim at the Grand Canyon next year? šŸ˜‰

One other quick note, in times like this the year 2020 seems so bizarre. It simultaneously seems like one of the longest years of my life and also seems like a year that never really happened as memories from early 2020 seem like they were just a few months ago. My mind can’t quite delineate which of the two is right and vacillates between both answers in an instant.


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