Day 1,641 – Thankful for Eight Trips of Eleven-ish Minutes & Musical Drifting

For anyone interested I can tell you that the drive from our house to Logan High School is almost exactly 11 minutes. I’ve tested that route 8 times today and found that to be a solid average. Yup, eight times I’ve driven from home to the school or from the school to home. What’s funny is that it was oddly soothing and peaceful.

Half of the rides provided an opportunity to chill and talk with Dominic. Sometimes he drove, sometimes I did. Regardless of who had the wheel we had time to talk. That was pretty awesome.

One of the rides without Dominic wasn’t solo for long as I picked up a hitchhiker part way home… Gavin! He was on his way home from school and it was pretty cool to surprise him and spend some time shooting the bull with him. Those little moments of one on one time are special and I appreciate each of them.

One of the benefits of that much driving is that I only have time for a two or three songs while I make the 11 minute drive alone. Over the past week I accidentally stumbled onto an album that I had really caught my attention a couple of years ago. For some reason I had not listened to it for quite a while and as soon as I fired it up the songs got stuck in my head again. On the drives today there were a handful of the songs that were on the short drive playlist…

For some reason my brain then went back to one of my favs by Hollow Coves:

and then I drifted into a song in the movie “starring George Costanza’s dad’s real life son” as I once put it…

As I started to type my blog tonight I fired up each of the videos for these. Sometimes I really enjoy just chilling on the couch and listening to music when everyone else is asleep. Tonight was totally one of those nights. I just chilled and drifted from song to song. I even took the advice of YouTube and listened to a song I’d never heard before.

Time alone with each of the boys. Time alone with my thoughts and music. Tomorrow morning will be time alone with Becky on our run. I am so thankful for that time with each of them individually just as I am thankful for the time with all of us together. A sweet soundtrack in my head only makes it sweeter 😉


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