Day 1,642 – Thankful for an Awesome Speaker (Father Mark), the Dream Ledge, and a Hysterical Text String

This evening our church had a virtual “Soup & Sustenance” class with an incredible guest speaker, our old priest, Father Mark Pierce! He spent an hour walking us through one of the best science history lessons I’ve been through in a very long time. The conversation was focused on the balance of science and religion and how the two complement each other very well. His talk walked us through the history of science and religion going deep into BC and moving forward to today. Over the course of an hour I was quickly reminded how much I appreciate his deep breadth of knowledge, his research, his open mindedness, and his ability to speak in a way in which everyone can understand… with an awesome dry sense of humor mixed in.

Earlier today a question was posed to me. It’s now time to decide how badly I want to reach for a dream. What I’m grateful for is the opportunity to test how important the dream is to me and how much I want it. It’s a very cool ledge to stand at the edge of!

There was one of the most epically hysterical text exchanges I’ve been the part of in a very long time today. The best part was that it was between two individuals who don’t normally interact. There was a connection between personal friends due to business and a common friend, me. Next thing I knew I was connecting the two while laughing my butt off at the text chain they exchanged. It was amazing!!!

What a great day – one that kept me smiling all day.


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