Day 1,633 – Thankful for Driving in Sunlight, Forced Thought Time, & a Quote From Fight Club

The drive home from Eau Claire was nothing short of spectacular today! The sun was shining bright. My moon roof was open and I could feel the heat of the sunbeams on my face being tempered with the cool breeze from above. The entire drive was peaceful and chill. When I think about why I enjoyed the drive so much today it really boils down to driving in the sunlight. I may not have been outside, but I was still able to soak up some rays.

One of the other things I appreciated on the drive today was the forced thought time. When working from home my commute is short and I’m able to dive right into work within 30 seconds. When heading to another office I’ve got windshield time. While I certainly had too much of it before I can also see how a bit of it helps me keep my thoughts focused. That quiet time without distraction allows me time to think, ponder, and consider different strategies and ideas. By taking time in thought versus just action my day flowed so much better even though it was totally jammed. On the way home I had time to process the events of the day and put together my plan for tomorrow.

Last, we had a really weird work situation yesterday that had me thinking today. In the movie Fight Club there’s an interesting comment – “It’s only when we lose everything that we are free to do anything.” The reason I am thankful for this quote today is that when situation really started to turn I was open to an idea that I never would have attempted… and there’s a chance it might pay off! I’m a little doubtful, but if I already knew it was doomed why not try something completely different, right? What was an eye opener for me today was that I was able to take a little of that swagger from yesterday and utilize it in a much better situation today. What else am I holding on to too tightly? What other opportunities am I missing because I am too afraid to lose than I am courageous to try?


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