Day 1,634 – Thankful for Good News, Good News, and More Good News

Maybe it’s just cosmic coincidence. Maybe I just thought today I might be a special day so that’s all I saw. Quite honestly, I really don’t care what the reason was! My 2,000th straight day of blogging was an incredible day that will stick with me for years to come.

I usually share everything and am very open to sharing just about anything. Today, all the good stuff is stuff that I’d rather keep to myself for now. I know, kind of anti-climactic, right? Let’s just say there’s great news, epic movement towards a dream, and a lot of great family and work stuff. Dude, life is good!

At the core of all of it I’ve surrounded myself with the best wife and sons a guy could ever ask for.

Happy 2,000 days of gratitude! Thank you Big Dude Upstairs for providing an incredible run over the past 4+ years!


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