Day 1,632 – Thankful for Sharing a Passion – Dream Lists

Earlier today we had our weekly learning session. After hitting our values very hard over the past 9+ months we opted for a slightly different direction. Each week one teammate shares something they are very passionate about. This week was my turn in the rotation and from the start I knew what I wanted to cover.

Having an active dream list has had a hugely positive impact on my life. From my first iteration of it on June 28th, 2007 through today I’ve got a running list of the dreams I would like to accomplish as well as the ones already knocked off the list. Fourteen years later I’m still shocked to find the increased percentage of success when I write my dreams down versus just dreaming them in my head.

In our learning session I shared how I used the process, what resources I’ve used in the past, and how we’ve worked together as a team in the past to help each other reach some of the lifelong goals we had.

The best part? We spent time sharing what some of our personal dreams were. Quite often one or more of us seemed to be adding another person’s idea to their personal lists as well. Sometimes the dreams were ones someone had already done or had some knowledge of the dream to help the person out. The only thing better than accomplishing our dreams is helping other accomplish theirs while fueling ours.

Sharing my passion of keeping a dream list was very rewarding and motivational. After I blog I’m planning on taking some time to add to my dream list. The team had some pretty sweet dreams that certainly caught my attention and fancy.


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