Day 1,630 – Thankful for Catching an Amazing Sunrise and My Portable Computer (iPhone)

Did anyone else catch the sunrise this morning? It was amazing! While getting dressed this morning I noticed the deep dark red of the sky. There was hardly any light, it was a dark crimson glow similar to the color of clouds over a volcano. As the sun slowly made its way across the horizon the shades of purples, reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows were so vivid and exquisite. By the time I got up to my workspace the east facing window allowed the light through just enough for the white west wall appear to have been painted a wild shade of pink and orange.

I was so lost in enjoying the sight that I only had time to take one quick picture from through my window. It hardly does it justice, but you’ll get the point:

Starting the workday off with a sight like that was perfect for a Monday!

I’m currently waiting for Gavin’s soccer practice to wrap up. It’s about 20 minutes from home and last for about an hour. Might as well bring my laptop and work from the car while I wait, right? That would’ve been an excellent idea… has I not forgotten my laptop sitting on countertop at home. Whoops! By the time Becky noticed I was past the point of no return.

Fortunately I had my ultra portable computer with me – my iPhone. The screen and keyboard are way smaller than the laptop but I have to pause and be grateful for a device like this. Thanks to the handheld computer I keep in my pocket o was able to wrap up the last few things I wanted to accomplish tonight and type this blog. It’s so easy to take the computing power of my iPhone for granted, today I’m taking time to appreciate it.


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