Day 1,629 – Thankful for Hanging Out with Mom and Urban Camping

Earlier today Mom & StepBrad came to our house and we spent the majority of the day relaxing, talking, watching bald eagles, eating, playing games, and enjoying each others company. While their dog, Ruger, was being chased incessantly by Skywalker the rest of us largely chilled and shot the bull. I had an excellent time relaxing and catching up – what a perfect way to spend a Sunday! All six of us just hanging out and having fun with zero agenda. While we haven’t spent nearly as much time together as we’d all like this was another example of appreciating something so much more due to not having it as much as normal. Also, I’ve got to also mention how grateful I am for Mom bringing her zebra brownies… I love those tasty treats!

I’m also grateful for urban camping. To be sure, on the surface it was a total flop. The city lights were brighter than expected and sound pollution was a constant. At any moment there was either a bright light in my eyes or sounds of traffic or both. By 1:30am I finally admitted defeat and went inside for the rest of the night (the boys had already opted to head in earlier in the night). I had a choice to make. Be frustrated by living in the city and being surrounded by distraction… or…

…choose to use this as a reminder of why there is something so calming about being out in nature. Being directly confronted with the sounds and lights that I’ve been taking for granted for the past 15+ years reminded me of just how much background “noise” there is in city life. While it was frustrating to be distracted to the point I only tossed and turned for a few hours I can’t help be be thankful for the awareness it has brought me. I understand more than ever why I appreciate being in the woods – not only for what it offers, but now for realizing what it lacks and how that adds to its mystique.

Urban camping, not nearly as enjoyable as I’d hoped, but at least it was still time in the outdoors, time to think , and an opportunity to learn more about myself.


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