Day 1,600 – Thankful for Dominic Enjoying a New-ish Passion

I know I’ve blogged about this a bit before, but it’s so awesome as a parent to see your kid really getting into something. Seeing the way Dominic has thrown himself into snowboarding has been fantastic to observe.

Last winter he took snowboarding lessons and fell in love with the activity. He started saving up for a snowboard last year and bought the board, bindings, and boots on his own. Dominic paid for his own ski pass through his refereeing dollars as well as through taking on other odds jobs and selling stuff on eBay.

Once the board arrived he would put it on, go outside in the summer, put it on top a blanket and practice as much as he could. He had different things he wanted to try and practiced them in the heat of summer, the exact opposite of today.

This year Dominic joined the snowboard team and has had a blast learning more about boarding. Watching him grow through each event was been so rewarding. What the the state’s upright or not there was always a smile on his face when he got to the bottom. Each time he’d watch for ways to grow and improve.

Today was State, the last event of the season. Seeing how much fun Dominic had in all three events was pretty awesome! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to experience him living a passion like this.

Pretty spectacular view of his last run of the day.


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