Day 1,599 – Thankful for Remembering Each Minute is a New Opportunity

It is easy for me to get my mind in a bit of a slump for a day. One thing doesn’t go as planned, the next thing is a little off, and next thing I know I’ve let the day snowball.

Today I’m grateful for remembering that each moment is an individual opportunity to choose my attitude, my perspective, my emotions, and my perspective. Just because one thing doesn’t go as planned or I make a mistake or I choose a poor attitude doesn’t mean that the day, hour, or even minute are shot. Even in that moment of imperfection it is an opportunity for me to learn and grow – a reason to be grateful.

Each moment is a unique opportunity to live into my best self… even if I wasn’t living into it a moment ago. Then is gone, the future is not a guarantee. Live in the now.


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