Day 1,601 – Thankful for Waking Up On the Couch

Thinking back I don’t recall many times when I’ve been grateful for waking up on the couch.

When I woke up this morning I couldn’t help but smile as I got up, shook some life back into the arm that had fallen asleep, and twisted the kinks out of my back. Throughout the night I woke up a few times from laying in positions different than normal. The sleeping bag I was in and out of all night kept alternating my body temperature from too hot to too cold. All in all it wasn’t one of the best nights of sleep ever. Still, I smiled and was grateful for sleeping on the couch.

Last night the boys and I had a great time watching a movie and some TV together. We were talking and joking around throughout and enjoyed the “dude” time. Dominic and I both started to Peter out and decided to head off to bed. Gavin wore his disappointment on his face and helped me see a better solution.

Instead of going to bed I grabbed my sleeping bag and a pillow and the boys did the same. We crashed “sleepover” style through the living room and watched TV until we’d all drifted off. It was pretty awesome!

How many years ago was this one from???

I’m thankful for waking up on the couch this morning as it reminded me of the awesome time we spent together last night and they way we found a way to stretch it out a little bit longer.


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