Day 1,595 – Thankful for Finally Starting to Read Epictetus’ Discourses

I’ve written many blog posts inspired by Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. My paperback copy goes on all vacations with me and has been read many times. So many of the concepts run through my brain on a very regular basis – though my actions don’t always live into them. Regardless, it has become one of the guiding lights of my joy, gratitude, and mindset.

Throughout Meditations and scattered across many of the Stoic books, newsletters, and articles I read have been a few names. One in particular seems to appear more often than others. When I see this specific name, Epictetus, I smile and prepare my mind for exercise.

When I’ve been tempted to read his Discourses I’ve felt a knot in my stomach as I’ve been told it is difficult to read. As such I’d picked up a copy a couple of months ago, read the first pages, and then decided for some lighter fare. After wrapping up Into the Wild and intermittently reading The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival I was ready for another book to add to the rotation. Discourses by Epictetus popped into my brain, I took a deep breath, and started to read.

To be sure, I am taking my time as it is dense. I’m only a small handful of chapters in and have a long ways to go.

That said, my mind is already blown with his ideas and writings. It is readily apparent that Epictetus is at the core of Stoicism. So much to take in, so much that has quickly taken hold, and actions and thoughts have already been adapted thanks to the initial chapters of this book.

I’m so grateful for finally taking the plunge and diving in!


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