Day 1,594 – Thankful for Lessons from Cooking and Remembering to Pack a Book

There was some time spent in the kitchen today. Between cooking for today, cooking for tomorrow, and cooking my lunches for the week there was a lot of activity going on in the kitchen. More than a couple of times I paused and realized there were some valuable lessons to be learned from my time creating in there. Some include:

  • Taking on too many tasks at once adds extra stress and typically takes longer than a well thought out plan of one activity at a time.
  • Recipes and guidance from others are incredible places to start, but the best creations come from adding some of our own ideas to the mix.
  • Taking time to complete a project in advance when there is extra time is preferred to waiting until it must be completed with a deadline looming.
  • Just because you think you have enough of something doesn’t guarantee that you actually do.
  • Life is full of surprises and curveballs – it is up to me to decide to face them, or even welcome them with open arms, with a smile or a scowl.

What a delicious way to learn and remember great life lessons!

The boys had a pretty sweet Scout meeting today and had the opportunity to enjoy some broomball. I took the opportunity to run to the grocery store quickly before they needed to be picked up. With a couple of minutes to spare I pulled in to pick them up. They were having so much fun that they all just kept right on playing. No worries, enjoy boys! I remembered to pack a book 😁. I was grateful for the opportunity to sit back and read thanks to remembering to grab a book on my way out.


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