Day 1,593 – Thankful for a Reminder of Finding Joy In the Mundane

Great joy can be found in the most mundane of tasks when I choose the right mindset. For whatever reason I was actually fairly excited to clean the floors of some of the rooms in our house. I took great pleasure in knowing the goal of the activity. I knew what needed to happen to get it done. I was able to see progress towards my goal. There were several times when I could have taken a short cut but instead chose to do it right. I was active and moving. For much of the time I had a great audiobook playing on my headphones while I was cleaning. For whatever reason I just really got into cleaning and thoroughly enjoyed it!

What I grateful for from this experience is a story to remind myself of the choice I have to make when I have a task in front of me. Whether unique or mundane there is great joy to be found in doing it if I choose the right attitude and live into my best values.


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