Day 1,592 – Thankful for Winter Sunset Walks and Re-Discovering Songs that Make Me Grateful for Becky

The winds may be bitter but there is something about a walk in a winter sunset that warms the soul. Becky, Gavin, and I went out for a walk in the early evening as the sun descended below the horizon and walked through the pink to purple to darkness. Fresh air feels amazing in my lungs, even if it is well below zero due to the wind. This is the first winter I can remember in which I’ve found great warmth and joy in the depth of the cold.

Earlier in the work day I had a pleasant surprise. I’ve gotten myself into the habit of cleaning up my mailbox on Friday. When I have about 5-15 minutes in between calls at some point in the day I pick out the next folder of saved emails that were saved but have never been re-read. I utilize the opportunity to cull the herd and empty out my mailbox. One of the notes I came across today had me smiling and gave me a 10 minute bout of “shiny syndrome.”

Scattered throughout all fo my note taking apps are various notes titled “Music” or something along those lines. What follows are listings of songs I heard that hit home that I wanted to remember. Sometimes I go back and wonder what I was thinking and other times I hit Play and then Rewind a couple of times. They’re the jewels I stumbled into that will become future staples.

One of the ones I happened across today was AWESOME!!! It’s a song by Bob Schneider, a dude I’d never heard of until Pandora or YouTube put in front of me. From the opening chord today I was mesmerized listening to the tune play again. It’s a song about two things that fit together perfectly, that were meant to be, and that are right together. As soon as I heard the lyrics I was thinking about Becky and I. If there was a song I’d write for her that fit my personality and use of metaphors that sometimes only seems to make sense to me this would possibly be that song. Check it out here:

In some ways it is like the song Long December by Counting Crows. The hit of one lyric reminds me of looking across a church to see Becky smile at me twenty plus years ago.

“All at once you look across a crowded room to see the way that light attaches to a girl”

I hear both of those songs and I pause to be grateful for the awesomeness Becky has brought to my life. To happen to stumble into 40 Dogs was something that brought a huge smile to my face today and I’m incredibly thankful for this musical re-discovery!


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