Day 1,591 – Thankful for All the Moments that Made Today a Very Fulfilling Day

Today’s been an awesome mix of many wonderful moments. There were more than a couple of times when I was in a full on state of flow. More than a handful of times I felt as if I were living into my purpose. Throughout the day I made progress on a few long term goals and dreams and even set up a trip to visit this beautifully scenic place in the picture below. I lived into my values, grew in ways I wasn’t expecting, saw the progress of many reps, and enjoyed pretty much every moment of it. There may not have been one big thing, but my entire mood is very well described as fulfilled. If I don’t wake up tomorrow I would be going out on a high note, with a smile, and no regrets.

Cabin with Mt Elbert and Mt Massive in background

I’m wore out, tired, and ready to head off to bed before starting it all back up tomorrow. Today I’m grateful for all of the moments that made today such a fulfilling day.


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