Day 1,590 – Thankful for Finding a Sliver of My Fortress of Solitude at the Ski Hill

There have been a few times I’ve written about my “Fortress of Solitude.” That was the way I looked at our trip to Isle Royale a couple of years ago. Completely cut off from the world it was one of the most peaceful times of my life. Since then I’ve used the term for other places including the UP of Michigan.

Tonight I found a little slice of my Fortress of Solitude in a very unexpected place – on a ski hill amongst a large group of people. I was well beyond six feet from everyone but it was a crowd nonetheless. Dominic’s snowboard race was unexpectedly pushed back to after the skiers so I suddenly found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands as the sun was going down.

I already had my headphones on so I turned on The Hollow Coves album Moments and focused on the scenery around me. Instead of seeing the people I saw the snow, I saw the birds, I saw the bluffs, and I saw the trees. I focused on the smell of winter. The music hid the sound of people and my mind kept the crowd out of sight so I could be in solitude… even with so many people around. It was awesome!

If you’d like a taste of what I was listening to you can catch the song that helped me reach that peaceful state at

From last year but you get the picture 😁


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