Day 1,589 – Thankful for the Power of Repetition

Yes, I’ve already written about my morning practice of reviewing my personal 2021 framework more than a couple of times. On a seemingly daily basis there are one or two moments in which my jaw drops a bit and I realize that I’ve done something different (& right) simply by living that practice.

Wake up, read my Stoic thought for that day, one up my 2021 framework, read my theme, read my values (both those loved and those I’m living into), review my Top 3 goals, review my Top 3 supporting goals, read my Top 3 stop doing list, review my Top 3 remember to’s, go through my Top 3 start doing list, read (& add to) my dream list, and then live my day. Over, and over, and over again.

What really caught me today was the power of the repetition of this practice. There have been difficult concepts I’ve been wrestling with for a long period of time that are all making more and more sense. I’m seeing the stitches on each curveball and am able to react more and more quickly.

Throughout the day there were several periods of being in a state of flow. Living into my purpose felt almost effortless as I tackled several things I would have struggled with or had to consciously think through just a month and a half ago. It was readily apparent that all the repetitions I’ve been putting in to live intentionally into who I should are paying off and helping me make progress. In many ways it reminded me of weightlifting- all the reps of light weights building atop each other for incremental gains and then suddenly seeing the growth when realizing my max lift has increased by 30+%. Each rep is work. Each rep is tedious. Each rep takes me one small step closer to my goal. The power of repetition.

The success of today wasn’t a magic moment, a miracle, or a coincidence. It was the result of intentional repetition. Each individual rep building upon itself. I’m grateful for the power of repetition.


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