Day 1,588 – Thankful for a 27 Bald Eagle Ride Home

One of the incredible benefits of living in the Mississippi River Valley is the seemingly never ending view of bald eagles. During the Spring and Fall the mass migration has provided opportunities to see over 100 of the majestic raptors at a time. During non-peak seasons it is very common to see a handful in the numerous colossal nests, hunting from the trees, or soaring through the sky.

Thanks to the warm weather there were a few open spots on the river today. It must’ve also been fantastic fishing as there were bald eagles all over! On my short 30-ish mile drive I saw at least 27 of them. And to think I didn’t start counting for the first few miles!

From a different day, but the same type of view

The sight of these beautiful birds left me in a state of awe and gratitude. How amazing to see them, so many of them? How fortunate am I to live in such an awesome part of the world?

Then, as if The Big Dude Upstairs wanted to one up themself there was perfect lighting from the setting sun on the bluffs. The rock walls were lit up perfectly in a sight that would’ve been fitting on a postcard. It was truly awesome.

How much better and full of joy would all of our lives be if we paused to enjoy the beauty of the natural world for a few minutes each day instead of staring at our screens?


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