Day 1,596 – Thankful for Alone In the Wilderness

This past Friday the boys and I watched a video a good friend had shared with me. Mike (my friend, not me talking about myself in the third person 😉) said this one was right up my alley, especially with as much as the boys and I enjoy watching Alone. Not only did I enjoy it immensely, I loved it so much that it was fired up for an encore presentation tonight so Becky could see it too!

The video is Alone In the Wilderness and is focused on the first year (of 30+) in which Richard Proenneke moves to the Alaskan wilderness and builds a cabin by hand. Did I mention he also built his own tool handles, fireplace, cooler, sled, and hinges? Watching him craft a cabin out of the wilderness was mind blowing and inspirational. The entire time he also shot footage of the beautiful national park all around him in views that looked th

The entire movie is a balance of so many of the passions in my life. As I think of how I choose to live my life this year (& moving forward) I can’t help but see many ways in which this movie will help guide me and my actions.


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