Day 1,584 – Thankful for Stoking the Dream Fire with More Fuel

Over the past couple of weeks I’m finding how much more my dreams are the forefront of my thoughts. Seemingly around every corner there’s an opportunity to pause for an instant and see how an action or decision could nudge me in the direction of attaining one or more of those dreams.

What’s been more interesting is that the more I am focused on them the more I am living into the actions of someone who lives out those dreams. I’m finding myself making better decisions with my time and focus.

Case in point – my choices in what to watch while exercising inside. Unless I’m watching something with my family I will only watch TV while exercising. This helps me feel like I’m earning the screen time. Recently I’d been watching more “entertainment” TV – The Boys was an amazingly entertaining show! After starting to review my dream list daily I’m seeing different types of movies and shows as the flavor I’m craving… skyrunning, rock climbing, wilderness survival, and exploration of the natural world. Shows like this:

Instead of filling my head with empty entertainment, sports, or news commentary I’m stoking the flames of dreams with some epic fuel. More ideas being added to list daily, others moving slowly but surely to completion. Living intentionally.


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