Day 1,583 – Thankful for Passing the Test and Watching Dominic Snowboard Competitively for the First Time

“Why aren’t you ready to go???” That phrase was what jolted me out of a deep sleep this morning. In an instant I’d realized what had happened. For some reason the alarm didn’t go off and I didn’t have my back up alarm on. My mind must have decided last night that sleeping in the warm bed was better than going for a run in -2 windchill.

In less than a couple of seconds I faced my first two tests of the day…

  • Test #1 – Get moving, skip the routine, and get out for a run or skip the run, take my time, go through my routine, and then miss out on exercising for the morning.
  • Test #2 – Choose to be angry, pissy, and frustrated because the alarm didn’t go off or choose my attitude, take a swing at the curveball life threw me, see this as a set of early morning tests, and smile my way through it.

I passed both tests and am thankful for the practice that I’ve put in to help me pass. Quick side note – tonight I’m taking precautions to ensure I’m not tested the same way again tomorrow. 😉

Tonight I was able to watch Dominic’s snowboard race. This was his second event and the first one I had the opportunity to watch. It was AWESOME!!! To think he just started snowboarding last year and now he’s going down some wickedly steep hills at a crazy speed. Watching him fly down both times had me beaming with pride and smiling from ear to ear. The smile on his face was priceless. Yet again he has motivated his old man.


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