Day 1,582 – Thankful for Thought Provoking Wisdom From The Notorious RGB and Her Mom

In one of my two short daily email newsletters there was an awesome quote from Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She shared advice she had received from her mother that RBG held true to for much of her life.

My mother’s advice was, don’t lose time on useless emotions like anger, resentment, remorse, envy. Those, she said, will just sap time; they don’t get you where you want to be. One way I coped with times I was angry: I would sit down and practice the piano. I wasn’t very good at it, but it did distract me from whatever useless emotion I was feeling at the moment. Later, I did the same with the cello. I would be absorbed in the music, and the useless emotion faded away.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

When I get frustrated, angry, envious or feel some other useless emotion I’ll be sure to keep this wisdom in mind. How much more productive is it to go on a run, read a book, create in my workshop, close my eyes and focus on my breathing practice, or just sit down and write about what I’m grateful for. With this wisdom in mind I’ll set a mental tripwire to watch for the useless emotions and then use them as productive time instead.


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