Day 1,560 – Thankful for Getting Back Into a New Rhythm

How’s that for a funky title? Kind of like Back to the Future, but in its own unique way.

Each Monday I have a short call with one of my mentors and business partners, Norm. The purpose of the conversation is to quickly achieve clarity on what my most important three objectives for the week are. Each week I do some prep, shoot him a draft, and then we talk through my plan for the week. He listens to my strategy and then does a great job of asking questions and throwing out ideas from his perspective. The insights I’ve received through these calls has been outstanding and greatly appreciated. Essentially it is a tripwire to remind me to be intentional and to act upon my week instead of having the whirlwind act upon me.

On our call today I couldn’t hide just how giddy I was for this week to start. I love taking time off, but there’s a beauty in the rhythms of “normal” life that can only happen during “normal” weeks and I was very excited to get back into the usual routine. After a small handful of weeks of different routines I was pretty amped to get back at it.

What added to the joy of the day was that it was the first work day for me after putting together the framework I am choosing to live 2021 by. Before doing anything else I paused, reviewed my theme, values, goals, start doings, stop doings, and remember to’s. Intentionally preparing my mind for the day was a new twist to the “normal” routine and I was very interested in seeing the impact that it would have.

Not only did today get me back into the normal rhythm, but my day was very much enhanced by the practice of reviewing the framework. There were more than a couple of times in which I paused, thought about my plan, and then took different action as a result. So far, so good! It’s a long way from being perfect and from being an actual habit, but the first day has me even more optimistic.

What’s better than getting back into rhythm? Getting back into a better rhythm than ever before. 😉


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