Day 1,559 – Thankful for Vistas of Frosty Tree Covered Bluffs Surrounding the Mississippi River

Hmm… I’m starting to notice a theme happening here 😉 Another day, another post about something in nature I took time to appreciate today.

Our drive back home today wound the majority of the way though the Driftless. This fact in of itself makes it one of the prettiest drives we do with some level of regularity. Today there was an added bonus – the hoar frost covered everything outside. The further south we drove the more dazzling the whites of the frost were.

The frozen air already made everything seem a little more crisp than usual. Add in a layer of white frost and the vistas were brilliant! Everything seemed to take on an almost black and white visual feel while simultaneously causing some colors to just pop – like the red brick building outside of Stockholm. As we passed by Perrot State Park I whipped a U turn and pulled into a scenic pull out just to take a picture of the view… which still didn’t do justice to what were we seeing.

Another day into 2021, another day of the beauty of nature. Into the woods…


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