Day 1,558 – Thankful for Pausing to Enjoy an Awesome Sunset

In keeping with the outdoors related theme from yesterday I have to pause and be grateful for an experience from our time outside late this afternoon. Sometimes the most awesome moments are the ones that happen every single day but I don’t always take time to pause and appreciate.

The sun was already on the way down when we started sledding. Each moment that went by it descended a little lower and turned a little more orange. At one point it seemed the same coppery color as the sun in Australia during the wildfires.

When it was just above the horizon I just stopped and hit the pause button on life. Watching it drop so slowly was flat out amazing. It seemed to grow bigger and shift to a deeper shade of orangish red each second as it kept slowly descending.

In pausing to watch the sun slowly set there was nothing else in that moment. I was able to be completely present and focused on the simple beauty of nature. What a wonderful moment of simple serenity!

Not from today, I was too busy savoring the real one today 😁


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