Day 1,532 – Thankful for Learning From Past Mistakes & Listening to My Body

This past weekend was pretty amazing! Spending time in the wilderness with the boys. Hiking with Becky. The creation of many memories and the spark of many new ideas and dreams. It doesn’t get much better than that.

This was the view from atop the bluff on our hike yesterday… well worth the early bed time!

Normally I’d jump right back into the normal life afterwards and run into a re-curring obstacle… exhaustion. Funny how the weekend full of adventures leaves me feeling a little worn down, it’s almost like I was moving all weekend long… hmm…

By about 7pm last night I was feeling it. I didn’t sleep well on Saturday night as I kept worrying about Gavin being warm enough. My over active imagination isn’t always the most conducive to getting deep sleep in less than ideal conditions. There were many times when I woke up and worried because Gavin made a weird sound, when Gavin didn’t make a sound, or if I heard something other than Gavin. I chuckled when I saw my sleep monitor report for that night saw less than 45 minutes of Deep and REM sleep. By comparison, most nights I average between three and four hours of similar sleep. Throw in all the fresh air and the hike iwht Becky and I was EXHAUSTED by 7pm last night.

Usually I would stay up until my normal 9-9:30pm-ish bed time on Sundays, wake up at 4:45am the next morning, and go for a run with Becky. I’d then stumble through the day with a fog in my brain and feel like I’m dragging all day long.

Last night I remembered to yield to my desire to go to bed and was in bed before 7:45pm. I was snoring long before 8:30. I skipped the morning run and slept in. When all was said and done I’d racked up over 10 hours of sleep… and I felt AMAZING!!! Sure, I felt bad about skipping the run, but I could also tell my body really wanted some sleep. Throughout the day I kept thanking myself for using my brain and getting a great night of sleep. One more full night of 8+ hours of sleep tonight and I’ll be well over 100% again.

This old dog is slowly learning. I’m thankful for listening to my body today and getting the extra rest I needed. It really made all the difference in making it a very productive day today. I can always make up the workout over the rest of the week and I wouldn’t trade the experiences of this weekend for anything.


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