Day 1,533 – Thankful for Forced Focus, Grilling In Winter, and Playing with a New Toy After Waiting Longer Than Expected

Before I went to bed on Sunday night I knew this week was going to be a wild one. There’s a lot on my plate at work this week, a lot. That said, it’s a manageable amount, nothing too crazy. What’s weird is that I find an interesting sense of enjoyment in timeframes like this. I’ve written about them before, but I look at a week like this as a sprint. It’s going to be busy, there’s a lot to get done, and there’s a very small margin for error. I’ve got to use my time efficiently and focus on exactly what needs to be done. This may sound crazy, but I’m finding a level of inner peace in the forced focus of this week.

This evening I was grilling supper outside on the deck. Usually at this time of the year we’ve moved the grill inside the garage and get it out once in a while. We decided to leave it out this year and grill all winter long. Sure, there’s no snow yet, but so far so good! Some bacon wrapped beefy goodness always tastes so much better fresh off the grill. What’s funny is that I’m also enjoying the extra minutes of cold air exposure! I never would’ve thought that’d be a benefit I’d enjoy!

This is definitely a stock photo as it was a lot darker and less green out when we set it up tonight 😉

A few months ago (June/July?) I ordered a camping hammock. It was still in development but was due to be out in August. Due to circumstances outside the control of the manufacturer I kept watching the expected delivery date slide further and further back. As luck would have it the hammock arrived exactly an hour and a half AFTER we left for camping this weekend. I couldn’t help but laugh at the timing of that one! The boys helped me unpackaged it on Sunday to see what it all looked like. Tonight I was able to get it up briefly to test out a couple of the features. I’ll get a better test run with it in the near future, but for now it was great getting to set it up and have some fun. The boys and I were all smiles as we figured it out in the front yard, like kids at Christmas. Sure, it would have been awesome to have had it for camping this weekend, but sometimes the anticipation enhances the experience. I’m grateful for that tonight, and I’m even more grateful for having had time to set it up!


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